Custom Application Development

 We provide:

  • Custom Application Development

Gain competitive advantages with TSD custom application development services to have business applications addressing unique requirements. TSD provides custom application development services that help companies meet their specific business goals such as improvements in ROI, productivity, automation and streamlining daily business processes thus saving a huge amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency.

Our Custom Application Development Services include:

Existing Application Enhancement

New Application Development

Application Consolidation

Application Maintenance

Application Migration

Following the client’s vision TSD will go throughout the full-cycle of software development process delivering reliable solutions that match your unique requirements:

1. Requirements Gathering from client

2. Solution Design

3. Approval by client

4. Code Programming

5. Testing

6. Deployment

7. Client Piloting & Testing

8. Maintenance


No matter what industry you come from, we have extensive experience in delivering .NET high-performance solutions for various industries, including eDiscovery, Legal, Finance & Insurance, Accounting & Auditing, Software & Technology, Security, Gaming.

Our application development expertise includes, but not limited to, the following tools and technologies:


ASP.NET MVC; Knockoutjs;  AngularJS; Bootstrap; WPF; WebForms; WebForms User Controls;  WebForms Custom Server Controls;  WinForms;

HTML5; JavaScript; Css


ASP.NET WebAPI; Azure ServiceBus; WCF (RIA/DataService); MSMQ;

SOAP; .NET Remoting; Queuing and Batching;


Entity Framework; Proprietary framework; Linq2SQL; ADO.NET;

Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft SSRS; MicrosoftSSIS;

Some of business advantages we can bring to your project:

Custom Application Development Visibility

Projects are split into iterations which are well-communicated with the client (well defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables). We strive to deliver custom solutions in time and according to budget.

TSD Custom Application Development

Expected functionality delivered in time and according to budget.

Reducing costs and time

Our involvement from design through the entire development life cycle can drive extremely significant cost reductions.