Custom IT Services

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Custom IT Services

 We provide:

  • Start-up Solutions

  • Daily Workstation and Employee Attendance Auditing

  • Router & Firewall Log Auditing

  • And other

Apart from providing dedicated resources and custom software development, TSD has a broad experience in other IT niches. We can offer valuable know-how for SMEs in areas such as: websites, email and calendaring solutions; daily employee attendance auditing; workstation log auditing; router log auditing; remote server monitoring. We can get you the custom and proprietary service and solution tailored just for you.

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TSD has successfully implemented start-up solutions for numerous SMEs. Depending on the requirements and necessities, we can assist your company by providing the following IT assets:

Website – we take care of all deatils with regards to domain name registration, hosting subscription and website building

Emailing – emailing solution integrated with the domain, so you can enjoy professional email such as

Calendaring – solution which will empower your business and employees to maintain robust meeting and appointment calendaring

We utilize a budget-friendly approach which allows any company to afford the core business assets above so they can focus more on the accent of their business. We do it swiftly, remotely, and with very little hassle and engagement from your side.

Do you want to keep track of employee behavior and attendance in your organization without installing special software that will require each individual’s clock-in and clock-out? We can provide you with a non-engaging solution that will allow you to have an active hold of these critical IT assets. You will be able to pull workstations reports on a daily basis and you can filter on categories such as virus alerts, installed or updated programs, invalid login attempts, etc. This is critical especially for companies carrying ISO 27001 certifications who need to log and account for each one of the workstations in the organization and the corresponding activity within.

Routers and firewalls are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your network. IT specialists usually ignore the importance of saving and inspecting logs from these devices, but one could collect highly valuable information from their activity. As an ISO 27001-certified company, TSD has built a successful solution that allows for inspection of router and firewall activities. If you are interested, make sure to contact us and tap into our working experience in this area.
Feel free to inquire with us on any other services or solutions you may require and we will give you the proper attention promptly. Our experts will be interested to tackle any challenges you may have.

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