TSD Outsourcing

 We provide:

  • Dedicated Development Center / Team

Building Dedicated Team of software engineers may prove an excellent way to enhance your business with top-quality developers, procured exactly as per your unique requirements and business needs. TSD can establish an expert team of dedicated developers which will be able to work under the project management of the customer. This interactive team acts as a virtual extension of your in-house staff, understanding your business priorities and recognizing how to effectively respond to your goals.

Consider this delivery model if:

  • Planned engagement scope is more than one transactional project.

  • Project requirements are frequently evolving and a change in priorities and specifications is expected.

  • You want to focus on the core business activities.

  • You need an expert team of dedicated developers providing an ongoing service.

Key characteristics of the Dedicated Team model include:

  • 100% dedicated resources

  • Talent acquisition based on your requirements

  • Full-Time Employee basis

  • Long-term relationships

  • Privacy, confidentiality, and data security

  • Back office operations handled by TSD while our client manages the project


  • Rapid access to wide range of engineers with unique skill-set and vast expertise.

  • Ability to scale team size when you need change.

  • Ultimate project and product decision made by customer.

  • Ability to involve a Project Manager/ Team Lead who designs the working process for the Dedicated Team and makes sure it is followed.

  • Direct control over technological and management decisions made according to your project needs and business objectives.

  • Cost optimization from engaging professional engineers from Eastern Europe compared to the cost of on-shore resources.

  • Round-the-clock productivity: 24*7 work cycle becomes possible because of the time-zone difference.

  • TSD takes care of the office space, meeting rooms, HR, payroll, admin, legal, facilities, procurement, social events, team building events, etc.