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Custom Application Development

 We provide:

  • Software Product Development

  • At TSD, we are very passionate about creating quality software products. We understand our client needs and use our .NET expertise to help you develop a tailor-made software product from start to finish.
  • We have been working with clients around the globe (USA, Asia, Australia and EU) and involved in countless number of software development projects from diverse industry verticals as E-Discovery, Finance, Insurance, Gambling, etc. We have been involved in products which are market-specific, enterprise-specific or for individuals.
  • We follow software development life cycle (SDLC) for every product development and enhancement project. This simplifies the process and gives a firm control over the product development. Quality Assurance is an inherent part of all our projects, hence we ensure that the product works flawlessly.

Our Software Product Development Cycle consist of:

1. Prototyping & Design

2. Proof of Concept

3. Final Version Development

4. Product Testing & Optimization

5. Client Piloting & Deployment

6. Technical Support & Maintenance

As an Independent Software Vendor we can contribute to shorten the development and testing life cycles, reduce software development and support costs, enhance product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers.

Some of business advantages we can bring to your project:

Building in-house software competence is time-consuming, expensive, and for most companies, it’s not their core business. With our skilled software engineers involved at every stage of the project, you can be sure that your product will be developed on time.

The software we create is extensible, maintainable and scalable, ensuring that products are designed and developed with potential for future growth in any direction.

With our broad expertise in quality assurance and the participation of quality engineers in early stages of development, we ensure high product quality due to a variety of integrated processes.

We believe in business ethics. Being your partner, we will maintain the ethics of secrecy towards your business, information and sensitive ideas.
TSD is ISO 27001:2013 certified vendor since 2015. Strong corporate policies, standards and infrastructure protect Client Intellectual Property from being used by anybody else, including other product teams within TSD.

We know finance is one of the core aspect as well as challenge for companies. Our product development is cost effective and it will save your valuable time. Our process will help you to reduce your expenses such as spending on resources, office space, and many more liabilities. No matter which time zone you belong to, we commit to build a team as per the FTE model for you, which will save your valuable time and money.

We have been providing excellent support to our clients during the development as well as during post deployment. You can focus on other activities as our team will take care of your product during escalations.


You have an idea that has to be implemented and delivered to the market. We will help you identify the required budget, assign the team and integrate it properly with your Product Management Team.

You have a partially completed product. It requires to be finished under tight deadlines, while documentation may be incomplete or not available at all, some source code may be missing. We will analyze what you have, assess product completeness level and provide you with a plan to finish your product.

You have already defined processes and established a team, but would like to extend or optimize your current development capabilities. We will analyze your existing processes and will assign a project team that may be scaled when required. The process is coordinated by a product development manager on the client’s side.

You require an independent QA and testing to verify the quality of your product. We can provide a full cycle QA service or just a specific type of test. We normally work with your existing issue tracking systems or help you to establish one for efficient and transparent communication. We can cooperate with an in-house QA team or work directly with your development team.

If you have a product idea, please feel free to share the idea with us and we will help you to make it a product.


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