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Automated Database Archiving System

Title Automated Database Archiving System
Summary Some clients of the company work with various database engines and they needed a single interface via which to archive SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database instances. The archive needed to be performed automatically at a specific schedule and the backup files to be encrypted.
Solution TSD came up with the design and developed the Desktop application. For scalability and better usability purposes, the main block of the program was moved to a separate layer, which is where the background service is running. TSD provided intuitive design.
Benefits The expected benefits for users was that small enterprises did not have to buy expensive proprietary tools to do scheduled backups. The admin interface can be anywhere on the network, and the services layer is the only place that needs adjustments to network rules. Archiving is available for just about any DB instance of SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL out there (even for shared hosting services)
Technologies C#, WinForms, WCF
Services Custom Software Development
Team Size 3
Duration 1 year

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