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Business Process Management System

Title Business Process Management System
Summary TSD internal project for an BPM platform that allows for a consistent and substantial control over the documentation and practices required under international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. The product, which will turn into a development platform, includes modules such as vacations planning, shifts scheduling, vendor management, asset management, helpdesk, calendaring, versioning of documents, risk management, and others.
TSD needs to come up with innovative ways to bring together the most important features that usually require separate and expensive systems. Being able to consolidate those in one tool gives focused SMEs a considerable advantage of not having to buy and maintain multiple expensive sub-solutions.
Solution TSD develops a unique solution for each project and each module requirement based on internal needs (TSD being an ISO 27001-certified vendor) and projecture on future user needs and expected comfort of use.
Benefits The platform is to allow for small and medium enterprises to choose one affordable, light-weight, safe and brisk place to manage a lot of the dull and gritty processes, documentations, inventory, and other essentials that make up for a successful and consistent enterprise. Long-gone will be the need to rely on your system administration group to have to remember to update files or databases after specific changes – Hydrogen will ensure that.
Technologies C#, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap, AngularJS, SQL Server, Custom ORM framework, Knockout 3.2.0, jquery 2.2.0, jqWidgets 4.1.2
Services Custom Software Development
Team Size 10
Duration 2016, ongoing

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