Project Description


Custom Development Projects and Extensions for Relativity® Platform

Title Custom Development Projects and Extensions for Relativity® Platform
Summary Requests for development of custom extension applications on Relativity® platform. Includes UI-oriented applications, as well as strictly back-end-oriented services for statistics and analytics purposes.
Solution TSD created an independent standalone RelaTeam to provision custom development needs of US- and Europe-based Relativity® clients. We have built up expertise with custom pages (both integrated and stand-alone), worker agents, APIs, DB calls, RDOs.
Under Agile, using SCRUM-based methodology, TSD provides the full lifecycle of the project from the initial design to the testing and final implementation. The custom applications built vary from simple note-taking application to complex indexing and analytics services that harness the power of Elasticsearch and machine learning algorithms via internal mechanisms of queuing and batch processing.
Benefits Clients receive quality custom development provisioning on a very dynamic and quickly-growing platform that is already becoming a benchmark in the e-discovery world – Relativity®.
Technologies C#, ASP.NET, knockoutJS, Bootstrap, Relativity® platform, Queuing and Batching, SQL Server
Services Software Development, Software Quality Assurance
Team Size 8
Duration Completed

More Than 25 Successfully Completed Custom Relativity Projects.

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