Project Description

Translation Connector for Relativity

A Leading Translation Provider Achieves Streamlined Translation Process of Relativity Documents with a Custom Solution


A global company specializing in translation and localization services needed a partner that could provide expertise in developing a Relativity-based and per-workspace application which would ensure connection and comprehension advantages within the eDiscovery platform. Our team was required to build out an integration between Relativity and the client’s translation platform. The goal of the customer was to acquire the ability to send Relativity documents for translation to the specific platform of the company and receive the translation results back in Relativity. The ultimate objective achieved would be an efficient way of managing the entire document translation process within Relativity with just one easy-to-use application.

Based on our Relativity custom development experience and solid expertise in building different kinds of connectors for the platform, the TSD Rela team gladly accepted the challenge and dived into the project, motivated to come up with the optimal possible solution to be offered and delivered to the client.


Our team succeeded in designing and developing a useful solution that matched the client’s specific needs and demands. We created and incorporated a link between the translation platform of the client and the Relativity platform, developing a practical application which allows the users to submit for translation an entire set of Relativity documents, being able to create, schedule, update or cancel a submission set. The users of the app are also enabled to make ad-hoc translations by submitting single or multiple documents and selecting source language and single or multiple target languages.

The connector provided the client with the capability to monitor the status of each translation, including when a new submission set has been created and submitted, whether the target language has been translated, whether the whole set has been translated, or when an error has occurred.

The users of the app have the convenience to access translation history where they can view the translation details for each single Relativity document.

Moreover, the solution provides a translation approval option and an opportunity to receive email notifications upon a new translation submission, pending approval, and completed translation.

The application was further upgraded during a second project phase by developing a new product version which incorporated all features of the first version, implementing a functionality that enabled the client to send and receive documents to FTP and SFTP servers.



The final result delivered to the customer was a simply designed application that can be installed on any workspace within a Relativity instance. The user-friendly interface of the product allows the client to send for translation direct or scheduled sets of Relativity documents to the company’s platform or an FTP/SFTP server. The created solution provided the organization with the advantage to translate Relativity documents from and to various foreign languages and conveniently manage their entire translation process without having to leave the Relativity platform.

One of the main benefits obtained with the use of the product is the ability of its users to review and analyze foreign language data within Relativity, all of which is made possible through the built secure connection. The solution has also helped the customer’s organization save much time and manual work by allowing them to easily operate with large amounts of multilingual documents in the platform.

The application has offered the client the flexibility to manage the configurations and submissions of translations and the vital capability to monitor and receive all translation results in one place within the Relativity platform.

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