Ensure optimal performance and extended lifetime of your software solutions for increased business efficiency.

Enhance Business Productivity with Application Maintenance and Support Services

Application maintenance and support cost represents a large share of organizations’ IT budgets. This is due to the fact that today applications play a vital role in facilitating operations and solving key business challenges. Therefore, keeping apps perfectly supported and maintained is essential. However, as software products grow in number and complexity, managing an entire application landscape turns into a real challenge for businesses.

Here comes the need for ongoing professional application maintenance and support services which ensure the performance and efficiency optimization of application portfolios. With 12+ years of expertise in the field, we maintain a competent engineering team that takes adept care of a wide array of software solutions, varying in type, size and complexity. Our application support and maintenance offering does not only prevent software failure and unexpected downtime, but it also secures excellent application operation and stability.

Our key goal is to help organizations achieve their objectives with ease and acquire boosted business efficiency by providing continuous expert assistance.

Our Application Support and Maintenance Service Offerings

Custom Application Support

We provide custom support solutions tailored to the customer’s needs including application stability enhancements, application monitoring, bug and task tracking, regular maintenance, and documentation. With over 12 years of experience in the application support field, we have worked with multiple clients and supported a variety of custom software solutions, managing to deliver a large number of successful support strategies.

DevOps & Configuration Management Services

If you wish to achieve continuous delivery of high-quality software products, we offer expertise in designing and implementing solutions for your environments based on the latest CI/CD practices, allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and enhance productivity at the same time.

Environment Maintenance & Automation

Our engineering teams possess in-depth knowledge in the IT infrastructure field, mainly focused on Microsoft technologies. Automation of environment maintenance tasks is a key objective for us as it results in reduced costs and optimized performance.

Deployment Design and Implementation

Support can vary from setting up basic configurations to building an entire environment from scratch. We follow the best-proven practices regarding security, environment design, server configuration, and optimization. Our teams hold expertise in both new and old technologies in terms of server operating systems, domains, networking, load balancing, and their configurations.

Monitoring and Reporting

A key practice that we rely on is the automation of repetitive maintenance processes, as well as automated reporting. These approaches serve the purpose to allow the client to receive regular status updates over their environment status and minimize incident occurrences.

Change Management

An essential part of our application support and maintenance services is applying change control in order to minimize risk during production implementations and ensure business availability. Each production change is well documented and reviewed prior implementation.

Our Application Maintenance and Support Process Cycle

Application Maintenance and Support

Our Technology Expertise

Popular infrastructure technologies in which we specialize include, but are not limited to:

Windows Server, Linux, PowerShell (DSC), Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, ServiceNow, IIS, SQL, Windows clustering, AD, f5, TFS, Azure DevOps, Splunk, SolarWinds, Control-M, Networking, Load balancing, etc.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Raised flexibility

  • Scalability

  • Increased ROI

  • Timely and stable launch of upgrades

  • Reduced overall maintenance cost

  • Boosted productivity

  • Proactive monitoring

  • Swift incident management

  • Application enhancements

  • Escalated business value

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