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Discover infinite possibilities to customize Relativity platform according to your unique needs and requirements with TSD’s expert custom development services.

Relativity Custom Development Partner

Actualize Your Relativity Ideas with Us

As a Relativity Developer Partner, TSD has built up а considerable expertise in custom development for Relativity platform. Our dedicated teams can help you actualize your ideas and leverage the extensibility and flexibility of the platform.

Open for Relativity Challenges

Our portfolio consists of projects, which encompass various fields and are different in size, including complex large-scale projects developed for a period of several months, as well as scripts built in a matter of hours. We can assist with anything you wish to be built on top of Relativity by considering your unique needs and further developing your ideas, allowing you to make the most of your platform experience.

Our Relativity Expertise

Since 2013, TSD has immersed in the eDiscovery field, realizing an increasing number of custom application development projects and launching our own product line and services for the platform. During the past 7 years of our Relativity experience, our teams have successfully completed more than 50 custom development projects, providing efficient technology solutions to a number of global clients.

We would be happy to offer technical designs and ideas and provide a quick quote around:

  • Custom pages (integrated, standalone, or both)

  • Event handlers

  • Agents (single- or multi-agent setup)

  • API calls (RSAPI, REST API)

  • Direct database calls and access

  • SQL Scripts

  • Custom RDOs (Relativity Dynamic Objects)

  • Console Buttons

  • Mass Operations

  • Programming Saved Searches (create, rename and add/remove conditions) * 

  • Structure Relativity Applications (Object Rules, Layouts, Views, etc.)

  • Elasticsearch – we have excellent expertise in Elasticsearch – one of the most important additions to Relativity 9

  • Gravity – an open-source framework for all developers in the Relativity community that makes the custom development in Relativity much easier and faster. Officially endorsed by Relativity ODA.

This will help you easily create a variety of Saved Searches, saving you a lot of time.

We provide expertise in building custom solutions including but not limited to:

  • Connectors with different platforms: We have built various applications which connect Relativity with different external systems such as translation platforms, FTP/SFTP servers, external services, etc. The final products have allowed for a smooth two-way connection including user-friendly UI, good logging and monitoring capabilities.
  • Applications utilizing AI services: The majority of projects that TSD has developed employ innovative technologies and embrace the vast capabilities of AI. We have worked on building applications that utilize IBM Watson and Azure Cognitive Services, which have helped on a faster, more efficient and accurate document analysis in the clients’ legal cases. We have also designed an analytics application which uses SVN models to classify documents in a case.
  • Applications for managing Relativity and exporting data: We have built various applications which improve the management of workflows in Relativity such as case managing apps and case monitoring apps. Our teams have developed applications which provide different export options for Saved Searches, folder structures, etc.
  • Tools for visualization and processing of audio and video files in Relativity: We have created applications which offer broad capabilities of playing audio and video files in Relativity. They also provide users with the ability to interact with the information in the files while reviewers are enabled to code the documents accordingly.
  • Various types of Relativity Scripts and tools.

Our Development Process

Relativity Custom Development Process

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What Our Clients Say about Our Custom Dev Services

left-quotequotes-rightTSD employees were a pleasure to work with and understood our needs. They were always professional, willing to make changes, and provided their expertise to improve our product. Work was always completed in a timely fashion and we are very excited with the final product.
Jayson Griffin | Senior Vice President, Consortra Translations
left-quotequotes-rightLionBridge has a great business relationship with TSD. You are reliable, flexible and valued partner. Our work on LionBridge Connector is great and exceptional.
Shaun Scruton | Product Manager, Connectors , LionBridge

More Than 50 Successfully Completed Relativity Custom Development Projects

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Our Relativity development process is made more rapid and efficient with the use of our Gravity development framework.