Support and Maintenance for Relativity Apps

Obtain the highest quality of your custom Relativity applications and ensure a smooth transition from on-premises to RelativityOne with TSD’s reliable support and maintenance offering.

Created with Your Needs in Mind

Regardless of whether you use RelativityOne or a Relativity on-premises version, you can benefit from our Support and Maintenance for Relativity Apps, which features regular quality assurance testing of your custom Relativity applications, scripts, or workflows.

Considering the needs of the Relativity community, TSD offers you a tailored solution, which was designed to ensure that your custom Relativity apps and workflows are compatible with the latest Relativity release. TSD’s support & maintenance service will cover every step along the process of keeping your platform-based applications always up and running, error-free and performance-boosted, thus allowing you to concentrate on your core activities in Relativity.

Achieve a Smooth Transition from Relativity On-prem to RelativityOne

Currently in a process of transferring from on-premises to RelativityOne? Let our expert Rela team take care of this for you. Our Relativity applications support and maintenance service will lead you through an easy and smooth transition, so in case your organization is planning or presently going through such stage, our offering comes at the right moment to perfectly fit your needs.

Service Overview

  • Maintaining code base of product

  • Maintaining team availability and product knowledge

  • Monthly full regression tests of product on newest Relativity version with a detailed report of the results, including defects found, severity, test cases, executor, etc.

  • Subsequent analysis by TSD with estimates of level of effort for the resolution

  • Priority fixing of reported defects

  • Maintaining the client’s official Product Roadmap in order the fixes to be incorporated in a following release

  • Maintaining and providing UAT Sandbox environment

  • Free training, demos, support


  • 100% coverage– support, maintenance, warranty

  • Access to teams of knowledgeable Relativity experts that will ensure complete and proper functioning of your Relativity apps and workflows
  • Saving money and effort from maintaining or onboarding and training of in-house Application Developers, QAs, Support Engineers with Relativity experience

  • Cost savings from maintaining in-house Sandbox environments
  • Leveraging personalized monitoring of your Relativity apps

  • Increased applications efficiency and reliability

  • Improved user experience

  • Prevention of potential unexpected incidents in the production process
  • Flexible annual subscription plan with different support tiers matching your needs

Annual Subscription Plan Options

monthly regression testing
quarterly regression testing
semi-annual regression testing

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Make a long-term investment in your Relativity applications in order to achieve optimal quality of products and save significant amounts of time and effort with our Automation Testing for Relativity Apps.