Let us manage your project from concept to completion, ultimately delivering a high-quality solution and meeting your precise business requirements.

Actualize Your Technology Idea by Outsourcing Your Project to TSD

You are facing a challenging technology project that goes beyond the expertise or availability of your in-house staff? TSD’s Project Outsourcing engagement model will allow you to easily accomplish your business goal by taking everything related to the development, quality assurance and management of your project off your shoulders and handling it in an adept professional manner until the final ready-to-use solution delivery.

By choosing to outsource an IT project to TSD, you can completely rely on our professionals and take care of your key business operations while our team devotes its skills and expertise to the success of your project. When collaborating with us, you also acquire a dedicated project manager who provides you with daily/weekly updates and demos, which enable you to follow closely the progress of the project, communicate freely with our experts and make any adjustments along the way if needed.  As a result, you receive a high-quality technology solution which comes to efficiently solve your business challenge, exactly matching your needs and demands, delivered to you on time.

Our Project Outsourcing engagement model is offered under a Fixed Cost pricing model, which is straightforward and suitable for clients who have clearly defined requirement set and timeframe that will be strictly followed throughout the project realization process.

When Should You Consider Project Outsourcing?

  • You have a great project idea but lack resources to fulfill it

  • You need rich technical expertise to execute a particular project

  • You have explicit requirements and timespan regarding the project

  • You wish to be free from management and operation responsibilities

  • You would like to focus on your core business activities

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Increased business scalability

  • Boosted productivity

  • Transparency

  • Minimized risk

  • Access to a wide range of technical and management expertise

  • Cost reduction from engaging an offshore team

  • Reduced operational and management overhead

  • An IT solution perfectly fitting your requirement set and timeframe

Key IT Outsourcing Location

  • Bulgaria is recognized as a reputable and preferred outsourcing destination

  • Multilingual and highly skilled talent pool

  • European Union regulated legal framework

  • Excellent achievements in science, mathematics and IT education

  • Competitive labor and infrastructure costs

Why Choose to Outsource to TSD?

What Our Clients Say

left-quotequotes-rightTSD employees were a pleasure to work with and understood our needs. They were always professional, willing to make changes, and provided their expertise to improve our product. Work was always completed in a timely fashion and we are very excited with the final product.

Jayson Griffin, Senior Vice President, Consortra Translations

left-quotequotes-rightLionBridge has a great business relationship with TSD. You are reliable, flexible and valued partner. Our work on LionBridge Connector is great and exceptional.

Shaun Scruton, Product Manager, Connectors, Lionbridge

Explore our Dedicated Teams engagement model as well and find out which one best covers your business needs.

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