TSD Outsourcing

 We provide:

  • Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing is one of the solutions many organizations choose when project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined, allowing progress monitoring by agreed-upon benchmarks. With this outsourcing model, TSD holds responsibility for development risks, while letting our clients retain full control over business strategy and project outcomes. Our project-based outsourcing model has a successful track record of delivering results that work. Our engineers can be involved at any stage of the software development cycle – we can start from early stages of project prototyping or get involved in the implementation and/or maintenance of a project already underway, contributing the deep technical expertise and skill-set required. Engaging in a project-based model, we work with our customers to carefully define each project’s scope and timelines. We then follow the project plan, presenting the final deliverables on time for the agreed-upon price while maintaining transparent communication and an open development environment.

Moving forward with project-based outsourcing, our customers gain better outcomes in the following business scenarios:

Starting long-term outsourcing partnerships from a pilot project-based engagement offers you an opportunity to try TSD as a vendor, see if outsourcing is right for your organization, and achieve significant cost benefits.

Even with strong expertise in-house, if your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined, you may obtain significant cost advantages by outsourcing software development to TSD.

In a situation with significant technological risk involved, outsourcing project development to TSD can become an exceptional option and provide a unique skill-set coupled with strong technological expertise of our engineers.

Sometimes you just need the work to be done and strategy is not as important as high quality, constrained timelines, and cost reduction. This is where our project-based engagement model is right for your needs.


  • TSD is fully responsible for project and team management.

  • TSD would prepare the complete technical specification and proposal would be submitted for your sign off.

  • Development projects are broken down into logical deliverables based on time-box or functionality or based on specific milestones.

  • The project would be managed by an experienced Project Manager who would be responsible for the end-to-end management of project requirements, design, development, testing and deployment.

  • Project deliverables would be incremental and based on various milestones/activities agreed with the customer.

  • Project would be executed on a fixed-price basis.

  • Complete support during client deployment.

  • Warranty of deliverables for an agreed period of time to fix any bugs not identified during UAT phase.

  • TSD would retain core project staff to provide ongoing support and maintenance, if customer wishes to consider this option.


Full project and team management

Fully responsible for project and team management

TSD is fully responsible for project and team management, so no hassle for scarcity of skills, resource availability and other operation and administration issues.

Access to the deliverables at every stage

Access to the deliverables at every stage

Due to incremental delivery approach, clients would have access to the deliverables at every stage of the project.

Reduced costs and time

Reducing costs and time

Reducing costs and time to market by leveraging an outsourced vendor with required technical expertise.