Complete Billing Solution for Relativity

Supports RelativityOne, Relativity 10.0+ (lower versions available on-demand)

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Billing Application for Relativity

Optimized Billing Application in Relativity

MaxBilling is a billing application within Relativity that automates the billing process experience and streamlines the invoice-to-cash cycle. Billing is an essential recurring component of any project and making the process more efficient with the right technology solution can yield long-term savings.

How MaxBilling Works

By automatically generating bills, MaxBilling reduces the time and effort you spend on billing, while also minimizing the chance for errors. Our Relativity integration helps you to easily and thoroughly manage your billing process within the platform. It allows you to generate detailed and easy-to-read PDF and Excel reports with calculated costs from pre-set or custom metrics, billing periods, rates, and tasks.

The app comes with an invoicing functionality, which enables you to apply various custom options and offers flexibility in specifying invoice contents by using custom fields and templates, including a scheduling option for automation of the entire invoicing process.

MaxBilling - billing application for Relativity

More about MaxBilling


  • Ability to manage the entire billing information within one profile by using different pricing types

  • Various billing categories out of the box: Case Rollup, Case Flow, Users, Analytics, Processing, Custom Tasks

  • Threshold (tiered) pricing functionality

  • Custom and recurring billing periods for your periodic incremental usage check-ins

  • Single- and multi-client reports and invoices on Instance, Workspace, Matter and Client level

  • Automatic report & invoice generation with custom schedule options

  • Available reports in PDF and Excel formats

  • Customizable invoices based on mappings and templates

  • Report data widgets allowing quick review and analysis of the report information on an Instance, Client, Matter, or Workspace level.
  • Customer Code capability unlocking a specific custom functionality in the app, which is available to one client only.
  • Multiple installations in a Relativity Instance


  • Easily quantify the data in your Relativity environment
  • Keep track of your and your clients’ data usage expenses
  • Create flexible pricing models to allow for custom billing methods for particular clients
  • Cut down on time and effort with automated bills and invoices

  • Achieve efficiency of the entire billing process management

  • Keep your billing and invoicing processes automated and standardized

  • Streamline your cash flow significantly

  • Minimize human error and improve invoice accuracy

  • Customize your billing process with various custom opportunities

  • Simplify your reporting and reduce manual administrative tasks with automated reports

  • Create transparency and keep customers informed about usage, unit prices, discounts, etc.

  • An opportunity for app customization and integration with different financial systems

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What Our Clients Say about MaxBilling

left-quotequotes-rightTSD has been instrumental in assisting us with being able to quantify our data in our instance of Relativity. They are proficient, attentive, and have assisted us with solving several of our pain points at the firm. We continue to rely on their services and expertise, which contribute to our continued success.
Stephen Johnson | Assistant Director, eDiscovery and Practice Advisory Services, Cozen O'Connor

left-quotequotes-rightWe needed a good, easy to use solution to help with generating bills out of our on premise Relativity application. TSD provided us with a great tool that cut down the amount of time it took to create the invoices. The invoices are accurate and we have been able to increase our ROI for our Relativity application.

Mark Combs | Chief Information Officer, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

left-quotequotes-rightThrough the MaxBilling customization, we were able to automate the workflow, mitigate errors, and provide a quality product to our client.

Cory Logan | Director of Managed Services, Complete Discovery Source, Inc.

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