Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values are more than just how we think about ourselves. They drive TSD’s operations, culture and work ethic.



Our Mission is to deliver exceptional quality services, on time and within budget with positive approach and teamwork.


IT Industry

To be a leading provider of information technology services in key industry verticals on an international scale.

e-Discovery Industry

To be a well-known provider of Relativity®-based software products and custom e-discovery software development services.


Customer-centric approach

One of the core distinctive features of TSD is our personal approach to business. We take every single project professionally, fully dedicating our time, effort and skills to its successful realization. We approach each of our clients individually, with meticulous attention to their specific needs and requirements, aspiring for transparent business relationship and ultimate customer satisfaction.

High-quality performance

Our extensive experience and built-up expertise in the IT field have enabled us to proudly call ourselves “experts” in what we do and thus be able to provide our clients with timely service of exceptional quality. Quality is what matters the most to our team, so we focus our professional competencies to the right direction in order to achieve results that take us one or two steps further each time.


This is a crucial element of business success and we have worked hard towards building a culture of integrity in our company, which allows us to achieve and sustain long-term relationships and trusted partnerships. It is part of our top priorities to act with honesty, reliability and commitment in every aspect of our work, maintaining positive professional attitude and reputation.