Automation Testing for Relativity Apps

Make a long-term investment in your custom Relativity applications and receive high-speed and finest quality results with TSD’s automation testing offering.

Leverage Quality Assurance Results with Automation Testing

Since it is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to automate their processes, including software testing, TSD has put an effort in presenting Relativity users with an efficient solution – Automation Testing for Relativity Apps, which will respond to their ultimate requirements with regard to the quality assurance of their platform-based applications.

As a natural continuation of our Support & Maintenance for Relativity Apps service, our Automation Testing for Relativity Apps has been created with the fundamental goal to provide you with the opportunity to work with Relativity applications of an increased quality and efficiency, which are being persistently tested with minimized effort by your in-house teams.

Why Choose Automation Testing for Relativity Apps?

By making a long-term investment in the test automation of your Relativity integrations, you will enjoy accelerated results including the highest possible rates of quality, functionality and sustainability of products, ultimately generating considerable time and effort savings.

In addition, this service will allow you to focus on the key activities of your organization in the eDiscovery platform after our end-to-end automated testing offering has definitively solved all challenges of Relativity applications quality assurance, obtaining flawless product quality.

Automation Testing for Relativity Apps

Service Overview

  • Analysis of the Relativity AUT* functionality

  • Analysis of the Relativity AUT’s existing test suite to determine feasibility and scope for the automated testing coverage

  • Development of the automated test framework and test suite, following the Relativity recommended approach for test automation (via Relativity APIs)

  • Documentation of the developed solution and guide for operation and maintenance

  • Continuous maintenance, support and incremental development of the automated test suite to address feature additions and changes in the AUT

  • Integration of the automated test suite into the client’s CI and CD pipelines

*AUT – application under test


  • Shorten the regression test cycle duration of your Relativity application(s), which allows for faster and reliable delivery

  • Increased scalability, volume and time availability of the testing process (automated test cases can be run any time, on any number of instances)

  • Reduce the human resource needed for lengthy and error-prone manual test suite execution

  • Access to team(s) of Relativity experts knowledgeable of Relativity apps and workflows and seasoned in Relativity automation development

  • Cost savings by outsourcing the Relativity automation development and maintenance vs. recruiting, training and maintaining an in-house Relativity automation development team

  • Increased test process accuracy and transparency via consistent reporting

  • Prevention of potential unexpected incidents in the production process

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Automation testing for Relativity apps

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