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Custom software development is at the heart of our business. We build bespoke end-to-end solutions that maximize organizations’ productivity and profitability, helping them drive innovation and accelerate growth.

With 13+ years of experience, we blend our technical know-how and industry insights with your unique business needs to turn your ideas into reality. We have successfully delivered a growing number of custom software development projects for global organizations in diverse industry verticals such as eDiscovery, Legal, Finance and Insurance, Accounting and Auditing, Software and Technology, Security, Gambling, and more. Our teams can help with a project of any size, including complex large-scale solutions developed for several months, as well as tools built in a matter of hours.

The Scope of Our Custom Software Development Services



Have an idea about a software product which would solve a specific business challenge that you are facing? Off-the-shelf applications are often too complicated and costly, and you can hardly utilize the entire set of features and functionality they offer. At the same, such products frequently fail in matching the unique needs of organizations. What you need in this case is a custom solution that is built from scratch and perfectly tailored to your business, so you can share your challenge with us and benefit from our expertise, and we will gladly create the bespoke solution that precisely meets your objectives.



You have an existing application which you would like to be extended with new functionality or modified according to your current requirements? You can completely rely on our services regardless of whether the product was initially built by us or by another software development company. Our team will develop and implement the desired custom capabilities on top of your application, increasing the value which the product brings to your business activities.



Outdated software can often cause organizations to slow down or complicate their working processes instead of doing exactly the opposite, which should be its fundamental purpose. Our experts will perform a detailed technical analysis of the legacy application, employ their competencies and apply the latest technologies to turn the obsolete software product into a modern solution, which is up to date with the current technology trends and effectively fits your business demands.



Moving business applications and databases to cloud servers is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations of today as it ensures agility and optimization of performance and cost. No matter the type of migration you are planning to undertake, our services will cover every step of the journey, making sure your business operations are not affected by the transition process. Our offering includes transferring software from on-prem to cloud, another technology, platform or framework, as well as migrating data across databases or applications.

Our End-to-End Development Process

Custom Software Development

Technologies in Use

Our custom application development services engage the latest technologies and programming languages to make each project a success story.


  • ASP.NET MVC; Knockout; AngularJS; Bootstrap; jQuery; WPF; WebForms; WinForms;

  • HTML5; JavaScript; CSS


  • ASP.NET WebAPI; Azure ServiceBus; WCF (RIA/DataService); MSMQ;

  • SOAP; .NET Remoting; Queuing and Batching


  • Entity Framework; Proprietary framework; ADO.NET;

  • Microsoft SQL Server; Microsoft SSRS; MicrosoftSSIS; PostgreSQL

We Provide Solid Expertise in the Following Custom Software Development Project Areas:

Billing Solutions

We are seasoned in creating software products that automate the billing process of organizations, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone manual billing operations, streamlining the invoice-to-cash cycle and providing the opportunity for easy and efficient revenue management.

Business Management Software

We have built solutions that improve and automate a diverse range of business processes by incorporating tasking, ticketing, vacationing, calendaring, shift scheduling modules, CRM, and more.

Legal Case Management Applications

Our teams are experienced in developing solutions that have allowed for organizations from the legal business sector to enhance and optimize their case management processes and to easily monitor and manage all of their legal cases within just one application.

Third-party System Integrations

We have solid expertise in linking together various types of software platforms and systems through building connectors which make it possible for two independent systems to function as one. This type of solutions enables a software product to acquire additional value and broader capabilities.

Solutions Utilizing AI and Machine Learning

We have created solutions that use the vast possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, empowering customers to benefit from the latest trends in technology in order to unlock new potential, enhance productivity and solve specific business problems.


Mobile Applications

We have developed applications that help on making organizations mobile and flexible, enabling their businesses to respond to the rapidly-changing mobile device technologies and utilize them most efficiently and conveniently.

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