Acquire a team of highly qualified IT professionals fully dedicated to the successful realization of your projects.

Scale Up Your Business with a Dedicated Team

Building a dedicated team of IT experts has proven to be an excellent way of enhancing your business with the help of high-grade resources procured exactly as per your unique requirements and business needs. TSD can establish a team of dedicated IT specialists (at positions varying according to the project’s specifics), which works under the project management of your organization, granting you control, convenience, and transparency. The team represents a virtual extension of your in-house staff, understanding your business priorities and effectively responding to your goals.

Following this business model, the dedicated team puts its focus on a single project for a single client at a time while thoroughly concentrating on the client’s needs and providing them full control over the team and the project. It becomes an integral part of your company’s staff, allowing you to manage and benefit from the competencies and skills range of a well-qualified team of IT specialists.

Our Dedicated Teams engagement model is offered under the following pricing models in accordance with the client’s needs and preferences:

  • Fixed Cost – A straightforward model, suitable for clients who have a clearly defined requirement set which is not expected to change during the service process.
  • Time and Materials – A flexible model, appropriate for projects that do not have an end goal or precise requirements set in advance. It can use hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates for the service delivery.
  • Mixed Mode – A combination of both above models, which is convenient to choose when the requirements are not specific, but the service needs to be delivered within a particular timeframe.

Our Dedicated Teams Can Include the Following Positions:

  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Developers

  • Quality Assurance Analysts & Quality Engineers

  • Application Support Engineers

  • System & Network Еngineers

  • Business Intelligence Developers

  • Database Developers & Administrators

  • Product & Project Managers

  • Service Desk & NOC Engineers

Benefits for Your Business:

  • 100% dedicated resources
  • Increased business scalability
  • Talent acquisition based on your requirements
  • Privacy, confidentiality, and data security
  • Project managed by client and back-office operations handled by TSD
  • Rapid access to a wide range of engineers with a rich skillset and broad expertise
  • Direct control over technological and management decisions made according to your project needs and business objectives
  • Cost optimization from engaging professional offshore engineers as opposed to maintaining in-house resources

  • Round-the-clock productivity: 24/7 work cycle opportunity due to time-zone difference

When Should You Consider Dedicated Teams?

  • You lack an IT department in-house or need an extra team to cover a specific project

  • You are struggling to find the right information technology talent and expertise for your needs

  • Your project requirements are frequently evolving and a change in priorities and specifications is expected

  • You wish to focus on your core business activities

  • You need an expert team of dedicated IT resources providing an ongoing service

Key IT Outsourcing Location

  • Bulgaria is recognized as a reputable and preferred outsourcing destination

  • Multilingual and highly skilled talent pool

  • European Union regulated legal framework

  • Excellent achievements in science, mathematics and IT education

  • Competitive labor and infrastructure costs

Why Choose to Outsource to TSD?

What Our Clients Say

left-quotequotes-rightThe team is incredibly friendly and responsive. Great communication skills, great work product. I never had to ask for anything twice-they always delivered. They also work around my schedule, despite the time difference.

Project Manager, Leading e-Discovery Company in Chicago
left-quotequotes-rightThe quality of software engineering services is high, I like the overall knowledge, skillsets and attitude of developers I’m working with.
Lead Software Engineer, Application Development, Renown US Company in Financial Industry
left-quotequotes-rightTSD has been a solid stable partner throughout the years. When issues arise, TSD is very responsive and quick to action!
Principal | Application Development, Major US Company in Financial Industry

Explore our Project Outsourcing engagement model as well and find out which one best covers your business needs.

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