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What and Why is Gravity?

  • FREE and Open Source Development Tool 

Gravity is a free and open source development tool for all developers in Relativity community to use, contribute to, and improve. Gravity will make developing on Relativity easier for everyone by allowing developers to interact with Relativity objects without the manual effort of rewriting the same code over and over to handle manipulation of your RDO objects. It makes working with RDOs as simple as working with native .Net objects.

  • ORM framework for Relativity custom development
  • CRUDQ RDO operations wrapped around RSAPI, ObjectManager, T-SQL, REST API
  • Pluggable in many extension places of Relativity and code (agents, custom pages, event handlers, custom code)


– Levels down the custom dev experience to simple .NET (C# or VB)

– More rapid development

– Quicker delivery with less code and testing

– Easier to bring new developers up to speed with Relativity custom development

For support requests or contributions, please contact us.


Sofia Office

Tsarigradsko Chaussee 115A, Fl. 7
Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone:  +359 2 870 2036 (o)


Troyan Office

Rakovski St 51, Fl. 4
Troyan, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 670 60 449 (o)


Plovdiv Office

Karshiyaka, Pobeda St, Gerbera office building, Fl. 6
Plovdiv, Bulgaria