We provide:

  • Custom Application Development for the Relativity® Platform

Since 2013, TSD has grown a considerable expertise in Custom Application Development for the Relativity® platform. We have two designated active teams which can help you get the most out of Relativity’s® extensibility and flexibility.

Promising a brisk and free quote, we will be happy to offer technical designs and ideas around the following:

  1. Custom pages (integrated, standalone, or both)
  2. Event handlers
  3. Agents (single- or multi-agent setup)
  4. API calls (RSAPI, REST API)
  5. Direct database calls and access
  6. SQL Scripts
  7. Custom RDOs (Relativity® Dynamic Objects)
  8. Console Buttons
  9. Mass Operations
  10. Programming Saved Searches (create, rename and add/remove conditions) * 
  11. Structure Relativity® Applications (Object Rules, Layouts, Views, etc.)
  12. Elasticsearch – we have excellent expertise in Elasticsearch – one of the most important additions to Relativity® 9
  13. Gravity – an open-source framework for all developers in the Relativity community, that makes the custom development on Relativity much easier and faster. Officially endorsed by Relativity ODA.

This may help you easily create variety of Saved Searches without wasting your time

All contracting comes with the highest confidentiality awareness and binding. We guarantee a transparent, safe, and swift vendor-client relationship which, being most essential for mutual endeavors, allows for a successful completion and smooth transition of projects ranging from simple graphical representations to complex processing solutions with configurable operational footprint.

Let us actualize your Relativity® ideas!

More Than 25 Successfully Completed Custom Relativity Projects.

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