Tackling Billing Challenges in Relativity

In this webinar, experts from TSD Services and Relativity will show you how to address critical billing challenges that many companies face when managing the billing process in Relativity, using the powerful all-in-one billing solution MaxBilling.

Watch this 45-minute session and learn how:

  • Companies can easily understand and quantify the data in their Relativity environments to effectively measure which billing items get ROI for their Relativity expenses.
  • Companies can keep track of their and their clients’ data usage expenses to ensure easier billing and optimized cost management.
  • MaxBilling accelerates the invoicing and cash flow with an automated billing process that saves companies countless hours by eliminating manual error-prone billing operations.
  • Companies can receive reporting for items, which are out of the scope of the regular billing items, such as professional services fees, PM hours, hardware costs, support services, etc.
  • Companies can effortlessly analyze and compare the billing report information to speed up the invoicing process.

All-In-One Billing Solution for Relativity