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TSD 2017 Internship Program Successfully Completed

By |2017-10-24T15:51:08+00:00October 3rd, 2017|Categories: Education|0 Comments

TSD’s 2017 internship season is over and we would like to share with you our satisfaction with its successful completion. This year we selected two university students out of all available applicants and made them part of our team for a few months. We should say that this internship brought valuable collaboration experience to all of us.

Both of our interns are currently majoring in software engineering and computer science respectively at prestigious universities, which helped them fit quite well in our working environment and successfully contribute to the everyday tasks with their talent and work willingness. We are glad we were able to provide them with the opportunity to use their knowledge in information technology, by upgrading it and putting it into practice in a dynamic multinational team. We are also pleased we managed to give those gifted young people a real kick-start to their career in the challenging IT industry.

What makes us happiest is the fact that they found their experience in TSD more than useful for their further professional development.

„I learned a lot of new techniques that will be very beneficial in my future career. The practical experience I got is extremely valuable”; „I feel like my time here has been very productive and I managed to grow a lot as a specialist. It has been a true pleasure to work in such a friendly environment” – some of the feedback by both students regarding their internship at TSD.

Thank you once again, guys, for having been part of our team! TSD wishes you good luck throughout your professional way as IT specialists.

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