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Cognitive Services Connector

Challenge An Australian-based company needed help of developing a software product which is a Relativity-based application that would send Relativity documents to specific third-party Services and receive data results from them. Those results would need to be displayed in an easy to read and understand way within Relativity. The client required that the application would be installable on any workspace within a Relativity instance.
Solution TSD’s Dev team has successfully tackled the challenge of incorporating a connection between Relativity and the third-party Services, which resulted in a user-friendly per-workspace application. The team overcame the challenges in connecting the third-party Services with Relativity, by using HTTP Requests and JSON Parsing, based on the .NET Framework. This way, the application has been developed in Relativity’s standard and has provided a good communication between Relativity and the third-party Services.
Result Users are able to easily select the third-party Service to which Relativity documents are sent. Once results are delivered from the non-Relativity based Services, they can be observed in Relativity style within a Relativity Workspace. The application provides all these functions to be done only via using the Relativity platform without directly interacting with the third-party Services.

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