Project Description

Case Management Application for Relativity

A Leading International Law Firm Improves Case Management in Relativity with a Custom Solution


A world-renowned US-headquartered law firm turned to TSD as a trusted Relativity Developer Partner, requesting the creation of a Relativity solution which would offer the customer the ability to collect information about all workspaces within a Relativity instance for case management purposes. More specifically, our Rela team was asked to develop an application, which would aggregate case details from different workspaces in a central admin workspace by possessing the ability to capture field information in a workspace and perform checks on a regular basis to ensure the information is always up to date.

Having the specific functionality needs and requirements of the customer, our Rela team embarked upon the project, determined to provide the best possible solution.


TSD’s business analysis and business development specialists provided accurate expertise in finding the most appropriate solution that met the particular requirements and highest expectations of the client. Our app dev team on its part created an application that collects key case information from all workspaces within a Relativity instance and enters that information in the form of RDOs in a designated for the purpose master workspace.

With the aim of making all that possible, each Relativity workspace with the entire data it contained was replicated as a custom RDO in the application. Specific parts of each custom RDO were synchronized by a Relativity agent. By utilizing Relativity Agents and Event Handlers with a .NET Framework base, we succeeded in creating the desired custom RDO representations of each separate workspace, at the same time ensuring the ability to automatically keep them freshly updated.

Additionally, the application acquired a number of enhancements during the second development phase of the project. This included custom changes to the existing product functionality requested by the client, as well as a modification of the app’s design, which were performed in order to fulfill the ultimate needs and requirements of the company regarding functionality and convenience.


The created custom solution provided the client with the opportunity to facilitate, optimize and streamline its case management process within Relativity platform.

In particular, the application built by our team allowed the customer’s organization to extract essential information about each ongoing or completed legal case stored in separate workspaces in a Relativity instance, thus having the chance to easily keep track of each case’s progress and development. The app provided the client with the ability to keep each workspace data in one place and also to find the needed information on a case at any time, knowing that this information is always up to date and reliable.

The custom application can be installed on one master workspace within a Relativity instance, which enables case managers to follow and be on top of the important case data without making the overhead effort to go through all workspaces within the instance. The dedicated users of the app are easily and quickly able to navigate between all custom RDOs, each of them holding specific information about its corresponding Relativity workspace. These custom RDOs are browsable in detail and users are enabled to read and also manipulate the information they carry, which in itself contributes to the efficient case management of the customer’s company within the eDiscovery platform.

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A company based in the USA, has reached out to TSD, requesting the development of a Relativity application, which collects information about all Workspaces within a Relativity instance. Each Relativity workspace with its particular data had to be replicated as a custom RDO in the application. Specific parts of each custom RDO would be synchronized by a Relativity agent. The application would be Relativity instance-based.


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