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Extend Your IT Department and Business Value with TSD’s Staff Augmentation Services

Our staff augmentation engagement model provides an immense level of flexibility and scalability to your organization’s internal software development and IT services departments. It enables you to handle staffing challenges in an efficient and collaborative approach, getting access to the right resources that perfectly meet your business demands in terms of information technology.

With 13+ years of extensive expertise in practicing the staff augmentation collaboration model, we provide or recruit the right IT professionals to integrate directly with your team, empowering you to tackle larger and more complex projects, and take on new business opportunities. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by effectively managing fluctuating skill sets and staffing needs.

Our Staff Augmentation engagement model is offered under the following pricing models in accordance with the client’s needs and preferences:

  • Fixed Cost – A straightforward model, suitable for clients who have a clearly defined requirement set which is not expected to change during the service process.
  • Time and Materials – A flexible model, appropriate for projects that do not have an end goal or precise requirements set in advance. It can use hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates for the service delivery.
  • Mixed Mode – A combination of both above models, which is convenient to choose when the requirements are not specific, but the service needs to be delivered within a particular timeframe.

Our IT Resource Expertise Includes the Following Positions:

  • Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application Developers

  • Quality Assurance Analysts & Quality Engineers

  • Application Support Engineers

  • System & Network Engineers

  • Business Intelligence Developers

  • Database Developers & Administrators

  • Product & Project Managers

  • Service Desk & NOC Engineers

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Increased business agility, capacity, and flexibility

  • Easy access to extensive expertise, skills, and resources

  • Highest level of control over resources and project

  • Resource management by client

  • Process management by client

  • Cost optimization due to avoidance of corporate overhead

  • Minimal risk due to high level of control over offshore resources and team workflow

  • Round-the-clock productivity: 24/7 work cycle opportunity due to time-zone difference

When Should You Consider Staff Augmentation

  • You have a shortage of specific skills in house

  • You face trouble recruiting talent in a specific location

  • You require close interactions with your internal teams

  • You experience flexibility of resource allocation and staffing needs

  • You seek for pricing on a monthly basis, tied to service levels and volumes

Key IT Outsourcing Location

  • Bulgaria is recognized as a reputable and preferred outsourcing destination

  • Multilingual and highly skilled talent pool

  • European Union regulated legal framework

  • Excellent achievements in science, mathematics and IT education

  • Competitive labor and infrastructure costs

Why Choose to Outsource to TSD?

What Our Clients Say

left-quotequotes-rightSame as last year, this year has been great working TSD team. Very responsive to our needs, be it diligent staff to accommodating with time zone differences to make sure there is a healthy overlap with the onsite team. Happy with the skill level of the associates as well.
Ruchis Khatiwala | IT Manager, Leading US-based Lending Company
left-quotequotes-rightThe finest group of offshore developers I have ever worked with. Very knowledgeable, skillful, technical, and easy to communicate with and work with.
Director of Application Development of Servicing Apps, Premier Finance Company Based in Dallas, Texas

left-quotequotes-rightTSD is a valued supplier, highly professional in all aspects and a solid contributor to our success as an IT Department. Outstanding responsiveness to administrative and business process issues.

VP | IT Procurement, Major Finance Company Based in Dallas, Texas
left-quotequotes-rightWe are very pleased having TSD resources in out teams. They are serious, dependable, well versed in software engineering, hard workers and ready to go extra mile to get the job done. Keep up the good work.
Principal, Application Development, Corporation in Auto Finance Sector

left-quotequotes-rightQA folks that I have been working with are very good in testing. They can work with minimal supervision.

Тeam Lead Quality Assurance, Major Finance Company Based in Dallas, Texas

left-quotequotes-rightTSD has been very proactive and professional whenever we need them. It’s a pleasure working with them at every level.

Team Lead Quality Assurance, Major Finance Company Based in Dallas, Texas

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