TSD Outsourcing

 We provide:

  • Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation model provides an immense level of flexibility and scalability to your internal software development and IT services departments. You will be able to handle staffing issues in an efficient and collaborative approach. We will provide or recruit the right IT professionals to integrate directly with your team, so you can tackle larger, more demanding projects and take on new business opportunities. Short-term or long-term, our staff augmentation services are dedicated to meeting your aggressive timelines by effectively managing fluctuating skill-sets and staffing needs.

Our team experts consist of: 

Our developers know how to design, develop and support internal and client-facing applications. Whether your systems are based on .NET, C# or some other technology, we will try to get you a resource to fit your needs. All developers participate in certification programs and trainings.
Tools: MS Visual Studio
Levels: Junior- Senior

Our QA analysts are proficient in the process analysis to reduce design errors, test preparation and execution for both desktop- and web-based applications. To ensure expertise on international level and standards, all TSD QAs go through the certification paths of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.
Includes manual testing and automation testing.
Tools: HP ALM, Jira, HP Load Runner, CA Technologies – Rally Software”, FogBugs, APM, NLS; Selenium, coded UI
Levels: Junior –Senior

Providing high-quality technical support to a Windows-based server architecture, including server log monitoring, deployment of software, troubleshooting technical issues for both resource and management staff, process documentation preparation. The prompt and meticulous assistance of the ASEs is essential for a well-functioning IT system of user applications.
Tools: Windows, ServiceNow, Solarwinds, KeyNote, Intervals Online, various log monitoring applications, custom in-house deployment solutions
Levels: Junior – Senior

Technically, each internal network requires 24/7 maintenance, support and constant upgrading. We make it easy and affordable for you to have such a person or team online around the clock to ensure the uptime and/or customer service promised to your clients. Our admins and engineers will make it easy and convenient for you and your on-site employees.
Tools: Cisco & MS Network certifications
Levels: Junior – Senior

In today’s world, it is becoming more and more important for organizations to collect, maintain, organize and analyze their data to support and enhance decision making. The BI team is the new best friend of Management and Treasury. If you need a BI developer, we can get you covered.
Tools: MS Reporting, Cognos, MS SQL Server
Levels: Junior – Senior

TSD has a wide reach in the database sector as well. Get an off-shore database admin or developer and enjoy your night sleep while our contractors make things happen on your end overnight. Whether you need a junior go-to guy to clean up normalization and integrity or a senior certified expert to design overall architectures, we know you will enjoy the positive outcome of this contracting endeavor.
Tools: MS SQL Management Studio 2014, BMC Control-M; Informatica
Levels: Junior – Senior

This outsourcing model is suitable for the following business scenarios:

The cost of adding new employees in-house to increase IT capacity is much higher in the long run compared with the significant savings provided by our offshore outsourcing model.

Our development centers are strategically located in Eastern Europe, with a reputation as one of the hottest technological hubs in the world offering a variety of technical skills.

Our business model is based on full transparency and deeply integrating offshore resources with our customers’ internal teams.

Committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers, staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale upward or downward to ensure successful outcomes of outsourcing engagements.

Blended pricing available for larger teams and longer committed contracts.


  • Highest level of control over developers team (hiring and managing the augmented resources) and project

  • Technologies and methodologies for the project, as well as project management tools delivered by client

  • High client involvement to supervise the augmented staff (Assigning Project Manager and/or Team Lead remains on the client’s side while routine development and testing can be augmented with our offshore resources). Weekly timesheets will be provided for Resources’ efforts expended.

  • Resource management by client

  • Process management by client

  • KPIs and SLAs delivered by client

  • Rapid access to missing skills and resources

  • Cost benefits due to avoidance of corporate overhead and offshore resources

  • Avoidance of costs and liabilities associated with direct employees

  • Minimal risk due to the high level of control over offshore resources and team internal workflow

  • Round-the-clock productivity: 24*7 work cycle becomes possible because of the time-zone difference

  • TSD sees to it that the resources are at their workplace, are paid and report regularly