Project Description

Connector for Relativity Platform with Cognitive Functions

Leading Advisory and Investment Firm Achieves Automated Connectivity between Relativity and IBM Watson Cognitive Services with a Custom Solution


A leading Asia-Pacific advisory and investment company reached out to TSD with a request for design and development of a solution, which would integrate Relativity with IBM Watson cognitive services. The objective of the client was to acquire the ability to apply different cognitive functions provided by IBM Watson to a data set in Relativity. The TSD Rela team was challenged to build an application which would create a way for the client to convert audio to text, translate foreign languages and identify and analyze sentiment, tone of voice and other relevant factors present in documents that might be of importance to a legal case.

With the purpose of being able to extract, analyze and obtain such information automatically and also in an unbiased and accurate manner in their eDiscovery activities in the platform, the client turned to us for assistance not only due to our extensive experience in custom application development for Relativity, but mostly based on our rich expertise particularly in developing different types of connectors for the platform.


By utilizing the vast capabilities of artificial intelligence and employing IBM Watson cognitive services and Watson Discovery, we responded to the challenge and created a solution that perfectly met the customer’s specific needs and high expectations regarding the product. The project was completed in three consecutive development phases.

Initially, our team built an application that connects the Relativity platform with the IBM Watson system by automatically sending documents to IBM Watson and receiving the needed analysis results in the corresponding document fields in Relativity. The first product version included Natural Language Understanding and Speech to Text functionalities.

The connector was further extended during the second project phase by implementing a language translation functionality.

The third development phase included new additions and enhancements such as tone analyzer with sentence analysis, Watson Knowledge Studio and a number of Watson Discovery capabilities including:

The product has allowed the client to filter essential information in order to discover and analyze different factors in documents. With the latest application improvements, the client is now provided with a complete solution, being able to easily and quickly receive the necessary analyses on selected documents in Relativity.


The solution created by TSD provided the client with the opportunity to achieve direct and automated connectivity between Relativity and several cognitive services of IBM Watson, thus offering the ability to make use of these cognitive functions along their document review work within the platform.

The connector that our team developed ensured an efficient way for the customer to find important information that might turn out to be crucial for a legal case development and outcome, which could otherwise be missed, and also a convenience to receive this information in the exact needed places in their documents in Relativity.

The application’s usage saves the client significant amounts of time and effort by eliminating the need of human review on a large number of documents. More specifically, the data that needs to be reviewed is reduced from millions to hundreds or even tens of documents. With the help of the provided custom solution the client automatically gets the needed analysis on the reviewed data in which way they can focus on the relevant information only.

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