You are planning or currently going through a transition from Relativity on-premises to RelativityOne? And you are searching for a fast and efficient way of transferring your custom Relativity applications, scripts and workflows from your on-prem platform version to the cloud, which will ensure that all of them will be up and running?

Understanding your concerns, we are here to offer you an innovative all-in-one solution which was created with the purpose to cover all needs and challenges you might be facing during your RelativityOne transition. With TSD’s Support and Maintenance for Relativity Apps service you won’t have to deal with that overhead task yourself as our Rela team will take care of the whole applications transfer process for you, ensuring that the products are error-free and top-quality, and thus allowing you to focus on your core activities in the platform.

Let’s look into all challenges you may encounter throughout your RelativityOne transition with regard to your custom applications inside the platform, followed by their most appropriate solutions.

Properly functioning Relativity custom applications in the cloud

You are unsure whether the custom Relativity apps you have been using on your on-prem version will continue to work properly after you move to Relativity cloud version? Per our observation, many organizations are asking themselves the same question and facing similar challenges, which is why we have already put a thought into this matter and come up with an efficient solution that we have been offering to Relativity users for quite some time now. We perform expert quality assurance and compatibility testing of your custom apps and workflows in RelativityOne, which provides you with the peace of mind that all of them are top-performing and you can use them without having to worry about any technical issues.

Apps transfer procedure from Relativity on-premises to RelativityOne

You are wondering who and how will arrange and manage the procedure of transferring your custom applications from Relativity on-prem to RelativityOne? Our practical all-in-one solution has got this point covered as well. Our trusted long-standing partnership with Relativity has enabled us to handle such procedure matters competently, so arranging the transition of your applications with Relativity ODA is a part of our service and you don’t need to be concerned about it. With the assistance of our Relativity specialists, you won’t even need to bother following when your apps transfer has started and when it has been completed, as you can concentrate on your important work only.

Continuous support and maintenance of your custom Relativity applications

You are not sure who will take care of the necessary ongoing support and maintenance of your Relativity apps after the successful transition? Our offering features regular regression testing of your custom applications, which makes sure they are always free of bugs and perfectly functioning. You have the opportunity to pick from three options – your apps can be fully tested and supported monthly, quarterly or semi-annually during your annual subscription plan.

Automated testing of your Relativity apps

Want to save time from manual regression testing? You can automate the regression testing cycle of your Relativity custom applications, thus receiving accelerated results of the finest quality, with our recently launched automation testing service that has come at the right moment to fit your requirements.

Taking your Relativity ideas further to help you leverage the platform

Furthermore,  if you have a need of an optimization or extension you would like to be made to any of your custom apps in Relativity or you have an idea of a brand new customization to be developed on top of the platform, here comes our business analysis and business development team of experts who will be more than glad to discuss this idea with you, elaborate on it, and help actualize it in the best way possible.

To sum up, the transfer of your Relativity custom apps and workflows to RelativityOne no longer represents an issue you have to worry about as our Rela team is here to make this process fast, effortless and successful.

If you are planning to visit Relativity Fest 2019, stop by TSD’s sponsor pod as we would love to talk about the support and maintenance needs you may have, as well as any customization topics you would like to discuss in the right place and with the right people. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at with any queries regarding our service. We would be happy to hear from you!