Post-Pandemic Business Restart: An Opportune Time to Partner with the Right IT Provider

Much has already been said and written regarding the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over businesses from various industry verticals. It is a fact that the coronavirus global outbreak has led to an economic crisis of a major scale, which we are all learning to live with. Many organizations worldwide have been experiencing the consequences from the pandemic with [...]

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Are Your Custom RelativityOne Applications Prepared for the Upcoming Aero UI Release?

If you are a RelativityOne user, you are certainly aware and eager about the upcoming new Aero user interface which is designed to bring simplicity, power, and great user experience, making RelativityOne a “simply powerful” software product. As a Relativity developer partner, the TSD team is also excited about this major change in the Relativity SaaS platform. In our opinion, [...]

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When Does Your Business Need IT Consulting and What Challenges It Can Solve?

Today’s IT-powered business landscape has become increasingly dependent on the vast capabilities of technology. Information technology has been providing organizations within any industry with the advantage to innovate, accelerate growth, increase competitiveness, reduce cost, and streamline business operations in a way that has allowed them to focus on core activities, thus creating a shorter path for success. Information technology, however, [...]

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TSD Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As COVID-19 has been increasingly affecting the global community, we have taken timely measures to make our contribution to the restriction of the coronavirus transmission, while maintaining business continuity and providing undisrupted high-quality services to our customers around the world. As of today, we are in а successful implementation of the precautionary measures that we took well in advance, prior [...]

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An Insight into the Functionality of TSD Email Event Handler App for Relativity

As TSD Email Event Handler has proven to be one of our most successful Relativity-based applications, we decided to bring it to the spotlight and offer you an insight into the top features and functionality of our product by demonstrating exactly how they can boost your Relativity experience. TSD Email Event Handler is a smart notification tool within Relativity platform [...]

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MaxBilling 3.0 Released

We are excited to announce that the new major version of our comprehensive billing solution for Relativity is already a fact! MaxBilling 3.0 comes with a number of new features and enhancements which make the reporting, billing and invoicing operations within the platform even further streamlined and facilitated, allowing for ultimate accuracy and convenience for the application’s users. Having put [...]

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Christmas Charity Bazaar 2019

As part of the holiday spirit at TSD, this year we organized a Christmas charity bazaar, which took place on December 12th during our traditional Sweet Thursday gathering. Colleagues from our three offices gladly embraced the initiative and participated by preparing various homemade sweets. The rest of our teammates were also actively engaged in the charity cause by buying the [...]

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5 Major Benefits of the Test Automation for Custom Relativity Apps

Automation has permanently found its place in all processes of business organizations. It has been picking up speed as far as software testing is concerned as well. Automated testing represents the most efficient way of optimizing the testing cycle of your software products in terms of quality, effectiveness, coverage, and speed. How about the Relativity platform? The good news is [...]

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How You Can Become A Pro in Relativity Development with an Expert Training

You are a Relativity user and you would like to acquire the ability to develop or integrate tools and apps, which would extend the platform’s functionality according to your needs? In case you prefer to take up such initiative in house by utilizing the efforts of your company’s application developers rather than turning to an external partner to build customizations [...]

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How to Obtain Stability and Warranty of Your Custom Applications in Relativity On-Prem and RelativityOne

Are you using custom-built applications within the Relativity platform? How do you ensure they are kept error-free, compatible with your current Relativity version, and delivering the necessary value to your work in the platform? The most efficient way of maintaining apps in impeccable operation and compatibility condition is to rely on a support and maintenance service performed by working behind [...]

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