TSD’s approach towards its employees is quite different and innovative. TSD invests in the professional progress of our staff members, and also cares about their personal development and encourages it in a number of ways. An example of this company endeavor is our initiative called “TSD Dare Challenge”, which was recently created and implemented by TSD team. For a few months now, the program has been put into practice, successfully making the working process and office environment of our employees much more diverse and exciting. What is more, they now feel a bit more confident to stand up for their goals, having the valuable support of the company management and their colleagues.

The idea of the program is to help TSD employees improve their health or achieve different goals by encouraging them to challenge themselves on various matters, related with personal enhancement and development. Everyone is entitled to think of their own challenge, discuss it with the team and then face it with the aim to test their determination, will and perseverance. Besides the personal value coming from these challenges, which is indisputable, TSD provides its staff members with even greater incentives for the successful achievement of their set goals. We stimulate our employees for the positive results with different financial rewards, SPA weekends, as well as other things they might wish for.

Some of the most popular things, on which TSD employees have challenged themselves so far, are for instance, to quit smoking, take up sports, lose weight or gain weight. These are objectives that they have long been trying to achieve, and now they receive TSD’s support in pursuing them. A team of “judges” reviews all cases and after the implementation and probation periods expire, they make their decision based on whether the challenge conditions were followed correctly and whether the set goal has been reached. In the end, our employees receive both satisfaction from the achieved personal enhancement, as well as an award provided by the company for their hard work and efforts.

Challenging yourself can be really useful, especially when it concerns your health and development. It gives you a chance to get out of your comfort zone and become more efficient in your professional and personal world. TSD will continue to work towards the improvement of its employees in all possible senses. We are proud of having adopted such an innovative practice which brings benefits to the entire team of TSD Services.