As COVID-19 has been increasingly affecting the global community, we have taken timely measures to make our contribution to the restriction of the coronavirus transmission, while maintaining business continuity and providing undisrupted high-quality services to our customers around the world.

As of today, we are in а successful implementation of the precautionary measures that we took well in advance, prior to the actual escalation of the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria. One of the earliest responses of TSD to the coronavirus global outbreak was canceling an important business trip to Germany which happened before the disease had reached Bulgaria. Immediately after the first confirmed COVID-19 cases in our country announced on March 8th, and before the Bulgarian government declared a state of emergency on March 13th, we were one of the first companies to officially transition to a remote-work model.

For us at TSD, it is a top priority to keep our employees, families, partners, and community healthy and safe while also remaining a highly reliable and stable business partner. Therefore, we have taken the following specific steps as a response to the global health crisis with an effort to limit the virus spread and damage caused by COVID-19:

Business Continuity Plan
In line with our ISO 27001 certification, we have triggered our Business Continuity Plan which ensures that all of our business operations are correctly functioning, and the services provided to our global clients and partners continue to meet their highest demands.
We have also employed our well-trained pandemic plan which guarantees the complete safety of our team.

Remote Work Model
TSD has officially transitioned to a remote-work model by making the most of technology and being one of few companies to have as many as 95% of our employees work from the isolation of their homes. We have made sure that each one of our team members has all the necessary resources available in order to efficiently do their jobs from home.

Business Travel Ban
We have banned all domestic and international travel until the escalated coronavirus situation settles. Following the cancellation of a business meeting in Germany, we have a canceled business trip to London and probably Chicago as well, which has, however, served as a wake-up call for the appreciation of the actual efficiency of online sessions. We are fortunate that our business model allows us to keep in close touch with our partners and customers by conducting online meetings and attending virtual events, thus maintaining undisrupted and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Being a front-runner in the successful implementation of such measures by leveraging technological means, we are happy to be continuing our contribution towards the improvement of the situation by limiting the social impact. We are confident that discipline, persistence, and patience are the right way, which will lead us all to a faster resolution of the current situation.

Stay healthy!

TSD team