TSD Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As COVID-19 has been increasingly affecting the global community, we have taken timely measures to make our contribution to the restriction of the coronavirus transmission, while maintaining business continuity and providing undisrupted high-quality services to our customers around the world. As of today, we are in а successful implementation of the precautionary measures that we took well in advance, prior [...]

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“Martenitsa” Bazaar at TSD in Support of “I CAN TOO” and Children with Special Needs

This year we celebrated the unique Bulgarian holiday “Baba Marta” by organizing a charity bazaar with “martenitsi” in each office of TSD. The celebration, traditionally marked on March 1st, is believed to bring along the end of cold winter and the beginning of spring and is celebrated by exchanging and wearing “martenitsi” – beautiful adornments in white and red colors. [...]

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TSD Awarded with a Silver Honor Mark for Its Workplace Donation Program

We are proud to share that TSD was awarded a Silver Honor Mark named “Responsible Company – Responsible Employees” for our workplace donation program, which is a part of our corporate social responsibility. This Honor Mark is awarded to companies that encourage the regular workplace giving of their employees, thus being socially responsible by persistently contributing to relevant social and [...]

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Christmas Charity Bazaar 2019

As part of the holiday spirit at TSD, this year we organized a Christmas charity bazaar, which took place on December 12th during our traditional Sweet Thursday gathering. Colleagues from our three offices gladly embraced the initiative and participated by preparing various homemade sweets. The rest of our teammates were also actively engaged in the charity cause by buying the [...]

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TSD’s Employees Actively Engaged in Its Corporate Donation Policy

We are proud to share that as part of our donation policy and corporate social responsibility approach, TSD has recently implemented a payroll giving program, which drew remarkable engagement among our employees. The payroll giving program has provided our team members with the chance to make their personal contribution to selected socially relevant causes that they feel most passionate about. [...]

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TSD Awarded with a Special Prize by the Sofia Municipality

TSD is glad to have the opportunity to share our recently won prize „The Hidden Virtue”. Members of our team attended an official award ceremony, organized by Sofia Municipality, at which our company was rewarded for being a contributor to a socially-relevant cause. „The Hidden Good” is a charity campaign under the patronage of the deputy mayor of Sofia Municipality [...]

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TSD Team with Another Visit to a Local High School

TSD continues its commitment to collaborate with local schools in order to improve the practical side of education and also motivate and help young people find realization in the field of information technology.     Our latest effort in that direction was a visit to „St.Clement of Ohrid” high school where a few members of our team carried out a [...]

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TSD Hosted Students from Pleven, Taking Them into the Real IT World

TSD has recently taken a new step as a part of our politics to be socially active and make effort to improve the so vital relation between the educational system and the actual labor market in the country. We have had several successful attempts so far, providing young people with knowledge in information technology directly from „the source”. This time [...]

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TSD Presented Its Activities to Students from Local High Schools

TSD has continued its commitment to the cause of building a bridge between the IT business and the educational system for yet another year. We recently made presentations for students from both high schools in Troyan with the purpose of making the kids more familiar with the IT world and attracting their interest in the field of information technology. Representatives [...]

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New Success for Stanimir Belomazhev – the Ski Orienteering Champion Sponsored by TSD

TSD is especially proud of the latest great achievement of Stanimir Belomazhev, one of the biggest winter sports champions of Troyan and Bulgaria, and a leader in the world rankings of ski orienteering. He has recently returned from a competition in Oberwiesenthal, Germany, having won the silver medal in the sprint and being fourth in the temporary standings for the [...]

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