If you are a RelativityOne user, you are certainly aware and eager about the upcoming new Aero user interface which is designed to bring simplicity, power, and great user experience, making RelativityOne a “simply powerful” software product.

As a Relativity developer partner, the TSD team is also excited about this major change in the Relativity SaaS platform. In our opinion, change is always a good thing, especially when it is made to bring along improvement and advancement. As far as it concerns a software product, such a change usually results in positive and seamless user experience, and much higher satisfaction with the product used.

We do, however, need to be prepared for some aspects of change. In this particular case, your custom applications within RelativityOne will need to be modified in advance for the upcoming UI change so that they could continue to function properly and seamlessly during and after the release. Do you have that point covered? How do you plan to ensure that your custom integrations will be up and running after the UI change and that your work with them in the platform will not be disrupted?

TSD’s support and maintenance service for Relativity apps is focused on performing regular quality assurance testing of custom applications on top of both RelativityOne and on-prem in order to ensure their consistent compatibility with the current release as well as their flawless, error-free operation.

What is new is that our Rela team has decided to include the support and maintenance of custom applications in RelativityOne around the upcoming Aero UI release in our regular annual service subscription. Here, we would like to share that the clients of our service have already had this point taken care of and they will not have to deal with any effort related with these changes, having the peace of mind that our team will make sure their custom apps are perfectly functioning against the new RelativityOne UI.

If you as well wish to secure the smooth operation of your RelativityOne custom applications around the user interface changes, along with their compatibility and stability during all platform upgrades throughout the year, our team would love to tell you more about our support and maintenance offering. We are excited to note that the apps’ analysis and modifications related with the new Aero UI changes come at no additional cost. What is more, our annual service subscription can be now received at a promotional price. Learn more about this limited offer by reaching out to sales@tsd.com.

So, do you now feel confident that your custom RelativityOne applications could be ready to work seamlessly against the new Aero UI? Get in touch with us and get them prepped for this major change!