TSD is glad to announce the start of a new collaboration with Vasil Levski High School in Troyan.

The school initiated the beginning of a new class in information technologies which is meant to correspond with the latest needs and requirements of the IT field in Bulgaria and specifically in Troyan. TSD’s team embraces the idea and will help the initiative with no reservations.

Our team will take part in the new collaboration by helping with the creation of a suitable study program, which will include knowledge of the latest software products used in contemporary IT sector. TSD will also conduct teacher trainings and most importantly will provide an internship program, where the future potential IT specialists will get in touch with the actual working process and IT environment.

The main target of the collaboration is to give the young high-qualified people in Troyan the opportunity to realize their careers on a domestic level.

We all hope that this initiative will limit, to a certain degree, the migration of our most talented young people.