TSD Supported the Student Event “Clement’s Days”

  TSD is glad to have the privilege of yet again being a supporter of young talents and educational initiatives through sponsoring one of the major school events on a local level. For a second year in a row, we chose to provide our contribution to the competition “Clement's Days”, which has turned into a tradition. “Clement's Days” is held [...]

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TSD Supported the Local High School Competition „Clement’s Days”

TSD is glad to share some curious information following one of the latest social and educational activities we have recently taken part in. Our company had the chance to show support for this big high school competition by providing an additional award fund, thus stimulating a number of smart and gifted young people.   The event „Clement’s Days” takes place [...]

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TSD Continues Its Educational Cause in Sofia

As a continuation of our company’s educational involvement, our Sofia office was recently visited by a group of students from 79th „Indira Gandhi” High School. This event’s purpose was to encompass a larger student audience around the country by helping more young people get into a real IT working environment and learn useful information about this specific industry with the [...]

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TSD Team with Another Visit to a Local High School

TSD continues its commitment to collaborate with local schools in order to improve the practical side of education and also motivate and help young people find realization in the field of information technology.     Our latest effort in that direction was a visit to „St.Clement of Ohrid” high school where a few members of our team carried out a [...]

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TSD Hosted Students from Pleven, Taking Them into the Real IT World

TSD has recently taken a new step as a part of our politics to be socially active and make effort to improve the so vital relation between the educational system and the actual labor market in the country. We have had several successful attempts so far, providing young people with knowledge in information technology directly from „the source”. This time [...]

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A New Collaboration is Starting

TSD is glad to announce the start of a new collaboration with Vasil Levski High School in Troyan. The school initiated the beginning of a new class in information technologies which is meant to correspond with the latest needs and requirements of the IT field in Bulgaria and specifically in Troyan. TSD's team embraces the idea and will help the [...]

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TSD Presented Its Activities to Students from Local High Schools

TSD has continued its commitment to the cause of building a bridge between the IT business and the educational system for yet another year. We recently made presentations for students from both high schools in Troyan with the purpose of making the kids more familiar with the IT world and attracting their interest in the field of information technology. Representatives [...]

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TSD ‘s presentation in Vasil Levski High School, Troyan

TSD continues its initiative in building a close relationship between the IT business and the educational system. On December, 10th TSD lectors visited Vasil Levski High School in Troyan. They presented the vast spectrum of opportunities IT sector could provide to young people. What is IT, why is it worth young people to enter into IT field, why Bulgaria is [...]

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TSD’s participation in the initiative “Future is code”

                  TSD took part in the initiative "Future is code" last Thursday. It's organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Digital National Coalition. The main goal is to arouse interest and motivation of students for IT technology and programming. TSD lectors visited "St.Kliment Ohridski" High School , Troyan. They carried [...]

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TSD launches Boot Camp I

We all at TSD see a need for more and better IT workers therefore today we launch its initiative called Boot Camp I. The initiative aims to enable new employees without experience and education in the IT field to become software developers, QAs or IT system analysts. TSD already have the success in modeling and upbringing of resources from the [...]

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