TSD Services’ team was happy to meet the mayor Mrs. Donka Mihaylova at our office premises in Troyan.

We managed to draw the mayor’s attention after winning our first award – Top ICT Employer of 2016. She especially congratulated us with an “Achievement Congratulation” certificate signed by herself.

The mayor expressed her satisfaction with the presence of a company like ours in the large town of Troyan. She hopes that more firms in this industry will appear on the horizon in the near future, which will help the Municipality retain the young and high-qualified people in Troyan. Our CEO  German Gachevski mentioned that there already is such a company in town, which works in the IT field, but is still young and small-sized.

So there is hope for the future of our young IT specialists, who decide to remain and realize their careers in Troyan.

At the end of the meeting the mayor clearly stated her willingness to help and support TSD in any possible way. Our team will continue contributing to our society and will be more than happy to work with the municipality in achieving even greater results in the future.


Gerro and the mayor