TSD is pleased to announce the launch of one of our latest services – Compatibility Certification and Warranty for Relativity Apps!

Our team has designed this brand-new service in order to come up with a tailored solution, which will offer Relativity users regular quality assurance testing of their custom Relativity applications, scripts, or workflows.

Let us introduce to you our service in further detail. Compatibility Certification and Warranty for Relativity Apps is an annual support and maintenance service, which ensures that your custom Relativity apps and workflows will always be compatible with the latest Relativity release and you will never have to worry about application compatibility issues again.

One of the key benefits of this service is that it will help you achieve an easy and smooth transition from Relativity on-premises to RelativityOne, so in case you are currently dealing with such transition, it will perfectly fit your needs.

What are the other important benefits of Compatibility Certification and Warranty for Relativity Apps?

  • 100% Coverage – Support, Maintenance, Warranty
  • Access to team(s) of knowledgeable Relativity experts that will ensure a complete and proper functioning of your Relativity apps and workflows
  • Saving money from maintaining or onboarding and training of in-house Application Developers, QAs, Support Engineers with Relativity experience
  • Saving money from maintaining in-house Sandbox environments
  • Prevention of potential unexpected incidents in the production process
  • Flexible annual subscription plan with different support tiers that match your needs

In case such maintenance is exactly what you and your team need right now, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at sales@tsd.com and ask all your questions about the service.