We are excited to announce that the new release of our billing application for Relativity is already a fact! MaxBilling streamlines the billing process and invoice-to-cash cycle within the platform by collecting statistics and automatically generating billing reports and invoices.

The latest MaxBilling version comes with several newly added features and functionality which have been implemented in a response to our customers’ utmost needs and requirements. The users of the app now have the opportunity to work with a new threshold (tiered) pricing functionality, five newly added pricing items to the Case Flow category, and also an ability to set a minimum and maximum workspace cap for their billing reports.

Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Tiered Pricing Option

The long-awaited and much-desired threshold (tiered) pricing feature is at the top of the latest product additions. MaxBilling now allows you to set up to three thresholds when adding billing items and apply different prices for each threshold (tier). This functionality offers you the flexibility to charge according to the item’s usage by choosing custom usage ranges with corresponding prices.


New Pricing Items under Case Flow Category

MaxBilling has recently acquired five new pricing items available for the Case Flow category. You now have the ability to charge clients based on RDC Import File Count, RDC Import File Size, ECA Promotion File Count (inbound), ECA Promotion File Size (inbound) and Production Branding Count, in addition to the existing pricing items that you can select from.


Minimum and Maximum Workspace Cap

The application now provides you with the ability to set a minimum and maximum workspace cap, which will be applied in the report total, in cases when the total workspace report value is below or above the custom set minimal or maximal cap. This feature ensures the convenience to put the workspace usage in a specific range defined on a pricing level, all of which is set individually by the app’s users.



How about you? How do you handle your billing in Relativity? In case this is a pain point for you and your organization, read more about MaxBilling or get in touch with our team at sales@tsd.com and arrange your personal live demo.

If you are planning to visit Relativity Fest Chicago this October, we would also be happy to meet you there and talk about Relativity billing in person.