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New Advanced Notification Options in TSD Email Event Handler for Relativity

How do you keep your team members notified of all edits and changes applied to different Relativity objects? This process is efficiently automated by our Email Event Handler tool available for on-premises Relativity and RelativityOne. We are happy to let you know that the new release of our automated notification tool features a number of enhancements and new advanced opportunities [...]

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Webinar Recap: Tackling Billing Challenges in Relativity

Recently, we successfully hosted a webinar focused on the topic of how to tackle common billing challenges in the Relativity platform. Featured speakers at the session were experts from both TSD and Relativity, who addressed the main billing challenges that many organizations using the platform face, and discussed their solutions, also demonstrating how they can be easily achieved with the [...]

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New Release of MaxBilling App for Relativity: New Billing Enhancement and Customization Opportunities

Looking for a way to achieve perfectly automated and streamlined billing and invoicing processes in the Relativity platform, at the same time being able to benefit from various custom opportunities? The new release of our all-in-one MaxBilling solution for Relativity contributes to the further facilitation and optimization of the reporting and invoicing operations within the platform, also providing expansion of [...]

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Webinar: Tackling Billing Challenges in Relativity

Is your organization facing billing challenges in Relativity? Do you experience difficulties in managing your repetitive manual billing and invoicing operations related to the platform? You find it hard to understand and analyze the platform data usage expenses? These are just part of the challenges that will be examined during our upcoming “Tackling Billing Challenges in Relativity” live webinar. If [...]

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New Report Data Widgets, Email Templates, Customer Code, and More Available with the Latest MaxBilling Release

Has your organization taken steps to automate its billing and invoicing operations in Relativity? We are thrilled to inform you that our complete billing solution within RelativityOne and Relativity Server has been further upgraded with a number of valuable new additions and enhancements. MaxBilling now offers a next-level billing process experience in the platform, allowing for dynamic visualization and easy [...]

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New Custom Statistics Option, Invoicing Enhancements, and More in the Latest MaxBilling Release

We are happy to let you know that the newest MaxBilling 3.1 version is now available to you! Our comprehensive billing solution for Relativity has been taken several steps closer to perfection, covering a wide range of your billing needs within the eDiscovery platform. It is a pleasure to share with you the essence of the latest features, functionality, and [...]

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MaxBilling with Boosted Performance and Major New Enhancements

We are glad to share that our comprehensive billing solution for Relativity has recently been upgraded with a long list of improvements plus a new important addition. The application has acquired an enhanced performance, becoming much lighter and extremely user-friendly, and thus offering immense levels of functionality, convenience, and speed to its users within the Relativity platform. A New “Current [...]

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An Insight into the Functionality of TSD Email Event Handler App for Relativity

As TSD Email Event Handler has proven to be one of our most successful Relativity-based applications, we decided to bring it to the spotlight and offer you an insight into the top features and functionality of our product by demonstrating exactly how they can boost your Relativity experience. TSD Email Event Handler is a smart notification tool within Relativity platform [...]

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MaxBilling 3.0 Released

We are excited to announce that the new major version of our comprehensive billing solution for Relativity is already a fact! MaxBilling 3.0 comes with a number of new features and enhancements which make the reporting, billing and invoicing operations within the platform even further streamlined and facilitated, allowing for ultimate accuracy and convenience for the application’s users. Having put [...]

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TSD to Join Relativity’s Developer Partner Trial Program

TSD Email Event Handler will be part of Relativity’s new trial program available to RelativityOne customers SOFIA, BULGARIA – October 22, 2019 – TSD today announced that they have signed on to be a part of Relativity’s new Developer Partner Trial Program. Available to new and current RelativityOne customers, the new trial program allows users to test the functionality of [...]

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