Much has already been said and written regarding the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over businesses from various industry verticals. It is a fact that the coronavirus global outbreak has led to an economic crisis of a major scale, which we are all learning to live with. Many organizations worldwide have been experiencing the consequences from the pandemic with each business niche and organization being affected to different extents.

A Silver Lining

The positive outlook to this situation is that we are all slowly walking towards a restart now. Having realized that the pandemic will be a part of our lives for an undefined time period and we need to start adjusting to it in the most favorable way possible, many organizations around the globe have taken steps to plan their post-pandemic business recovery.

Information Technology in Business Processes Digitalization

Considering the fact that a significant part of business processes, operations, meetings, and events have been forced to turn digital due to the situation, information technology has come to play a key role in this transition. It is the essential means that has made it possible for many companies to preserve business continuity during the crisis. As a result, organizations have been increasingly feeling the need of counting on an experienced IT services provider to tackle the arising challenges.

Need of a Trusted IT Partner During a Crisis

Do you have a stable partner who will support you through tackling the IT challenges arising from the business restart after the pandemic situation de-escalates? Partnering with a reliable software development services provider may turn out to be one of the crucial success factors during this time as it will help your organization to renew its business activities and operate successfully in the conditions imposed by the pandemic by providing the information technology assistance and security needed to let that happen.

Outsourcing IT Operations in an Era of Virtual Collaboration

Which is the most efficient way of partnering with an IT services provider during times of global crisis such as the current one? Companies from many sectors were forced to rapidly transition to a remote work model and manage all their business operations remotely, and this operational and management pattern has proven to be quite efficient and cost-effective. Everyone has gotten used to leveraging virtual collaboration more than ever before. Therefore, choosing to outsource your company’s IT processes including software development, quality assurance, infrastructure monitoring, software support and maintenance, and more, to an offshore or nearshore vendor has become the most favorable option to fit the current situation.

Vast IT Outsourcing Services Expertise

Since 2007, TSD has built up extensive expertise in providing an array of first-class software development outsourcing services to clients from various business sectors and locations around the world. Thus, we have established strong long-standing partnerships based on excellent service and trust, which is exactly what every business entity needs in order to succeed during these uncertain times.
Here, you can read the story of one of our oldest partnerships which is an example of an outstanding offshore collaboration.

A Key Distinction

Wondering what makes TSD different from the majority of software service providers? The answer is that our IT resources are distinguished by their high engagement with the projects they work on and possess strong self-initiative and problem-solving abilities. So, if you consider you would need such skills and qualities within your organization to help your IT needs during  the post-pandemic restart of your business and after that, you can turn to us for advisory on the most suitable outsourcing engagement model to match your business needs and objectives.

Selecting the Right IT Outsourcing Collaboration Model

In case you would like to back up your company’s internal IT department and expand its coverage by extending your team, our staff augmentation model would work perfectly for your goals. If you rather need to create an entire new team to work directly for you on a particular project or different projects, the most appropriate option is selecting our dedicated teams model. Furthermore, you can explore our project outsourcing model in case you lack the necessary technical and managerial expertise on site and need a specific software development project to be executed and managed by an external team of experts.

Are You in Need of IT Assistance for the Successful Post-Pandemic Restart of Your Business?

If you are yourself in a process of planning the best strategy to restore your business after the pandemic events and need a reliable IT partner to take care of the technological part so that you can focus on your core activities, do not hesitate to contact us as we are here to help you in this difficult process. You can reach us at and we will proceed by discussing the best model and approach depending on your business specifics and demands.

Now is the right moment to act accordingly and make sure you leverage this situation by getting the necessary information technology support to lead you through a successful restart and ensure positive business outcomes.

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