TSD Collaborates with Troyan Municipality


In 2015 the Municipal Administration of Troyan developed and implemented a program for prevention and reduction of youth unemployment in the municipality. It was created with the purpose to find a solution to one of the most serious problems not only in the area, but also in the country. TSD Services is one of the few local companies which embraced the cause and took part in the program, participating in various related activities and contributing with several projects of its own.

One of the main initiatives in which TSD was involved was “Future is Code” which aimed to ignite the interest of students towards the world of information technology and create a closer relationship between business and potential IT resources. A questionnaire was held in the local schools in order to define the most interested and engaged students who later paid a visit to the company’s office in Troyan and had the chance to experience the real working environment.

The “TSD Boot Camp Initiative” is our next major project which involves recruitment and training of young people who are inexperienced in the field of information technology but are fluent in English. TSD Services is especially proud to announce the successful implementation of the initiative on numerous occasions, which has enabled us to bring up an excellent team of reliable professionals. This is also a way to provide young people with the great opportunity to work in one of the fastest growing sectors, communicate with international teams, and develop their career without having to migrate to larger cities or abroad.

A further involvement of TSD in the educational and social life of young people in the municipality is its sponsorship of the local basketball club. This way we help anyone who has talent by providing them with a chance to practice the sport and grow in it.

Another TSD Services initiative was the purchase of a voucher package, which was granted to students from the local high school “Vasil Levski” so they could sit for exams of the Microsoft IT Academy and increase their competitiveness for future work in the field.

TSD’s good practices related with the program for reduction of youth unemployment don’t stop here and we will continue to work hard for this cause and support young local talents. Some of our future engagements include the “TSD Scholarship Program”, the “TSD Internship Program” and conducting workshops twice a month with the idea to help students gain further knowledge in information technologies and improve their practical skills, which will someday pay off to the entire IT sector as well.