Is your organization facing billing challenges in Relativity? Do you experience difficulties in managing your repetitive manual billing and invoicing operations related to the platform? You find it hard to understand and analyze the platform data usage expenses?

These are just part of the challenges that will be examined during our upcoming “Tackling Billing Challenges in Relativity” live webinar.

If your company is a user of Relativity, you definitely need to know how you can efficiently manage your billing and invoicing processes within the platform. In case you are currently dealing with billing operations in Relativity, you have certainly already faced at least some of the billing problems, which we will talk about during our webinar session, and learning their most appropriate solutions is something you would find very useful.

On June 24th at 11 am CDT experts from both TSD and Relativity will provide insights about the most common billing challenges in the platform based on their hands-on experience and feedback from clients of the eDiscovery software. Furthermore, the speakers will also share the best solutions to those challenges achieved through the capabilities of the comprehensive billing application for Relativity – MaxBilling. By attending this webinar, you will additionally receive the special opportunity to be demonstrated and explained exactly how each feature and functionality of the product can respond to your unique billing scenario.

If you as well are facing billing challenges in the platform and would like to learn more about billing in Relativity by experts at first hand, you are more than welcome to join our webinar.

You can find out further details about the topics which will be covered during the webinar and register here.

Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!