Looking for a way to achieve perfectly automated and streamlined billing and invoicing processes in the Relativity platform, at the same time being able to benefit from various custom opportunities?

The new release of our all-in-one MaxBilling solution for Relativity contributes to the further facilitation and optimization of the reporting and invoicing operations within the platform, also providing expansion of the available customization capabilities offered by the product.

Below you can find details about the latest additions and improvements of the app and see how they can provide value to your organization’s billing process in Relativity.

At the end of the article, we will also reveal what is the major news around MaxBilling, on which our team is currently working.

What Is New in This MaxBilling Release?

New Features and Enhancements

New Copy Pricing Option
A new Copy Pricing option has been added to the Profiles’ Pricing section, allowing for quick pricings multiplication.

Further Enhanced Email Templates
The recently implemented customizable email templates in MaxBilling have been once again improved to offer advanced capabilities. New text formatting options are already available for the email body section, so you can now add rich-text content to your templates for the emails containing billing information, sent by the app.

MaxBilling email templates


New Customization Options in Invoice Templates
The invoice templates in MaxBilling have been further upgraded to offer you broader customization opportunities.

A new option “Aggregate All of Same Type” is available for the invoice items. When selected, the items of the same type will be aggregated on the same invoice line if they are present in the corresponding report with different prices.

Another new option “Include 0.00” can now be applied to the invoice items. When selected, the items will be included in the invoice with a 0.00 value if there is no usage in the corresponding report.

MaxBilling invoice templates


Deleted Workspaces and Users in Billing Reports
A further important change to the app is that Deleted Workspaces and Users are now considered during the report generation process. In case the date of deletion is after the start billing period date, those workspaces and users will be included in the reports along with the corresponding statistics information.

User Type Selection Option
Another newly added option is the ability to select from all available user types and it is already present in the Users’ charges included in the billing profile. If not selected, all types are considered.

A Key Addition

New Billing Items in Case Flow Category
The below newly included items provide information about the billing production sets for the respective billing period.

  • Production Set File Size (Natives)the item captures the size of the native files of the produced documents.
  • Production Set File Count (Natives) – the item captures the count of the native files of the produced documents.
  • Production Set File Size (Extracted Text) – the item captures the Extracted Text size of the produced documents.
  • Production Set Document Count – the item captures the count of the produced documents.

MaxBilling production items


What Should You Expect in the Next MaxBilling Release?

The big news about our application is that MaxBilling will very soon be able to work with multiple installations in a Relativity Instance! You will be able to restrict each installation to be working on specific client(s), client domain(s), or a set of Matters/Workspaces. More details and insights will be available soon.

Curious to see more of MaxBilling’s capabilities and find out how they can fit your organization’s explicit billing needs and goals in Relativity? Be quick to schedule your free live demo at sales@tsd.com.