New Release of MaxBilling App for Relativity®

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TSD team is very pleased to announce that the latest version of our Relativity®-based application MaxBilling has been officially released.

Based on feedback and needs of our clients, we have polished the product and implemented а multitude of new features and valuable improvements. Now MaxBilling offers numerous benefits by perfectly automating and streamlining your billing experience within the platform.


MaxBilling 2.0 enhancements include:

  • Compatibility with Relativity 9.3, 9.4, RelativityOne


  • Automatic report & invoice generation


  • Automatic email with PDFs


  • Standard and custom billing periods


  • Various pricing metrics and custom rates out of the box: Case Rollup, Users, Reviewers, Analytics, Processing, Indexes, Custom Tasks


  • Ability to charge clients for single, multiple, or all workspaces at once


  • Billing profile inconsistency notifications


  • Dashboards


  • Easy extensibility with personalized billing metrics for custom solutions


Find out more about all features and benefits of MaxBilling 2.0:

Product Overview
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