TSD is excited to announce the official launch of our new application for Relativity TSD Email Event Handler!

We are glad to offer you an insight into our latest product. TSD’s Email Event Handler is a Relativity-based application, which provides the ability of sending email notifications, allowing selected recipients to be notified about edits on a Relativity object.

If you are a Relativity user, you certainly know how essential it is to keep your team informed on any changes made on the current record. This is exactly the reason why TSD has launched an application which will provide an efficient solution to this challenge.

How will TSD Email Event Handler help your organization? It will keep you up to date with all changes. The application enables you to set up different custom email templates, which can be attached to any Relativity layout. This improves the tracking of any changes saved for a specific Relativity object. Using the provided placeholders, Users can easily choose which part of the layout should be added to the email body, which facilitates the process of notifying your team members of any ongoing changes.

What are the benefits of TSD Email Event Handler?

  • Supports Relativity 9.3 and above
  • Custom email templates
  • Custom email body placeholders
  • Setting SMTP configurations – Instance Settings and Secret Store supported
  • Email History for each Relativity object, which is associated with an email template

If you are curious to discover exactly how TSD Email Event Handler can optimize your experience in Relativity, get in touch with us at sales@tsd.com to get a quick demo or ask all your questions regarding the product.