We are proud to share that as part of our donation policy and corporate social responsibility approach, TSD has recently implemented a payroll giving program, which drew remarkable engagement among our employees.

The payroll giving program has provided our team members with the chance to make their personal contribution to selected socially relevant causes that they feel most passionate about. Each supporter of the charitable donations idea has chosen one or several causes on both local and national level, including a treatment fund, a scholarship program, prizes for gifted children, a fund for protection of women and children from domestic violence, a center for foster care and prevention of child abandonment, an elderly care home, an assisted reproduction fund, a fund for birth encouragement, an ecological organization and an animal rescue organization.

We believe that even little drops can make an ocean, so we will continue with our endeavor to give back to our community through our corporate donations and also by further encouraging and supporting workplace giving among our employees, hopefully managing to inspire more companies to follow this example.

We would like to thank BCause Foundation, our partners in the initiative, who have helped us in the realization of this noble activity.